The nuances of La Dominique.

50 Years of Commitment and Passion.

While the Château La Dominique of today embodies the spirit of modern Bordeaux, this Saint-Emilion-Grand Cru Classé boasts a history dating back to the 16th century. It wasn’t until the 20th century, however, that the estate would experience its golden years, under ownership by the Fayat family.

In 1969, Clément Fayat purchased Château La Dominique. A diligent and proactive individual with a strong connection to the land stemming from his family’s roots in nearby Corrèze, Clément Fayat evaluated the improvements that would be necessary and quickly got to work.

A true builder by nature, Clément Fayat completely restructured the estate, launching a thorough study of the soil, putting in place a drainage system and outfitting the La Dominique winery with stainless steel tanks, which were still quite rare in 1975. The vineyard was also expanded to its current 29 hectares and the Cabernet Franc variety promoted through a vine nursery for massal selection.

In 2012, the Fayat family embarked upon a grand new project: a total revamp of the Château La Dominique winery. Clément Fayat enlisted the help of Pritzker-prize winning architect Jean Nouvel, who drew up plans for a winery that would be highly functional while also in harmony with the natural environment.

Like a single ruby gemstone amidst a sea of lush green vines, the new Château La Dominique winery stands as a beacon of modern winemaking in Bordeaux and a one-of-a-kind addition to the region’s architectural landscape.

The year 2020 will mark an important milestone for Château La Dominique: the release of the 2019th vintage, the 50th vintage produced at the estate by the Fayat family.

Winery and architecture.

Building upon the original stone winery as a nod to tradition, the new Château La Dominique winery features a two-way mirror façade, reflecting the sky and surrounding vines, as well as metallic panels in 6 shades of red to symbolize the nuances of Château La Dominique wine. The open-air “Terrace Rouge” above the winery is home to a vast pool of bright red pebbles, whose 3 different shades evoke the 3 main grape varieties planted at the estate. From the terrace and its namesake restaurant, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the La Dominique vineyard, as well as the château’s prestigious neighbors..


“Precision” is key when it comes to winemaking at Château La Dominique. The gravity-fed, high-precision vat room is home to 22 new 73-hectoliter temperature-controlled, truncated and cone-shaped stainless steel vats, designed with a gentle extraction in mind. Each grape variety and parcel is vinified separately, and aged in a variety of aging vessels, which include new oak, oak of one previous use, stainless steel, amphorae and egg-shaped polymer vats.

Viticultural and winemaking techniques at Château La Dominique are constantly being re-examined in order to best adapt to the character of each new vintage.

In the glass.

Showing off a bright red color in the glass, the wines of Château La Dominique combine the best qualities of both Saint-Emilion and Pomerol terroirs. On the nose, these wines exude aromas of ripe red fruits, punctuated by hints of spice and nuances of licorice, black pepper, truffle and forest floor. Following a straightforward attack, the wine unfurls a round texture, generous body and silky, precise tannins. The luscious, full flavors linger long on the palate.

In their youth, the wines of Château La Dominique charm with their fresh, fruit-forward character. These are also wines with significant potential for age, revealing their full personality after many years in the bottle.